Job Matching

We offer free Job Match consultations with all jobseekers. We can introduce you to employers who will assist you in reaching your career goals. We are specialist recruiters and engage daily with hiring managers. We know the employers in this sector and we know what they want.

By speaking to our team, we will give you a clearer understanding of the employer, job description and company culture. You can then decide if you are well suited to a particular company. We will present your details to potential companies and promote your strengths, skills, personality and best attributes.

With the majority of the market looking at and applying for the same job opportunities, we will give you honest feedback on your CV, Cover letter and personal brand.

  • "Interviewing for the Digital Marketing position with The Skin Nerd was the first professional interview process I had ever gone through.

    Maria instantly put me at ease in the initial face-to-face interview with her friendly and professional approach. After the interview concluded, Maria kindly gave me expert advice on how to improve my CV. Being extremely passionate about getting the position that was perfect for me, this had a big impact.

    Maria was under no obligation to provide me with tips for the next round of interviews, and yet she went out of her way to give me professional advice that would help me get future jobs, if not this one.

    Since the interview process, Maria has followed up on several occasions to check in on me and make sure I am comfortable in my new position. If had not gone the extra mile, I would not be working my dream job for The Skin Nerd."

    Robyn Ree, Digital Marketing Executive, The Skin Nerd.

We have built positive relationships with job seekers over the past ten years, fully understanding what they are looking for and will give you the confidence to take action and provide you with the tools to do what you really truly want & love to do!

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